Business Intelligence and Investigations

Enyo Law is the only specialist disputes firm in the City with an in-house business intelligence capability.

Lawfully obtaining intelligence, often from challenging jurisdictions, is at the heart of Enyo Law’s intelligence practice.

As the first law firm in the City of London to establish an in-house business intelligence team, our investigations are protected by legal privilege and focus on retrieving and analysing ethically sourced intelligence, which is deployed directly into litigation and arbitration proceedings handled by our team of specialist disputes lawyers.

With a proven track record and a more transparent and cost-effective approach, we support clients including multi-national corporations and major state-owned organisations as well as high net worth individuals and governments throughout their claim, defence or investigation. Our services comprise:

Litigation Support

Successful litigation is dependent on access to evidence and whilst disclosure plays a vital role, our investigations complete this process by identifying witnesses, unravelling complex offshore structures, and obtaining public record material from challenging jurisdictions.

Asset Tracing

Identifying ultimate beneficial owners is a crucial element of an enforcement strategy as opposing parties will often hide their assets, relying on the protection afforded by the corporate veil or offshore jurisdictions.

Fraud Investigations

Seemingly sophisticated frauds can be defeated through forensic analysis of multiple sources of data which identifies anomalies, establishes hidden connections and builds a case against the perpetrators.

Investigative Due Diligence

Making an informed decision prior to a claim or investment is the only way to safeguard money and reputation, and with the added regulatory and bribery-related risk seen particularly in frontier markets, the need for such research has never been greater.

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