Arbitrator Appointments

Individuals at Enyo Law sit as arbitrators (co-arbitrators, sole arbitrators, and chairpersons) in ad hoc and institutional arbitrations (under the ICC, LCIA, DIAC, Swiss Chambers and UNCITRAL Rules).

As a disputes-only law firm, some of our lawyers are able to accept appointments as arbitrators in cases which would pose conflicts of interest to many other arbitrators.

Partners Daniel Levy and Evgeniya Rubinina frequently sit as arbitrators under different institutional rules, such as the ICC, LCIA, Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce, and also on ad hoc cases. 

These disputes have involved different sectors – ranging from distribution agreements, infrastructure, energy, and sale of goods, to post-M&A and cyber security. Both Daniel Levy and Evgeniya Rubinina have sat as sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator, and chair of the arbitral tribunal. 

Daniel Levy frequently sits in cases involving Spanish, Portuguese, and French-speaking parties applying laws from different jurisdictions in Latin America, Europe, and Portuguese-speaking Africa. Evgeniya Rubinina equally is very well known in the market and fluent in Russian. These are multi-million dollar disputes around some of the most complex cases in these jurisdictions, with seats in London and also abroad. 

In addition to deciding these highly strategic disputes, sitting as arbitrators also allows our team members to have a deep knowledge of the different arbitral institutions and their rules and procedures, fostering an appreciation for what strategies and arguments are most successful with arbitrators. This gives us a unique advantage in devising winning strategies for our clients. 

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