Our Team

Tom Portsmouth
Senior Business Intelligence Associate
  • Investigative research and intelligence
  • Asset tracing
  • Litigation support
  • Internal investigations
Qualifications & Education
  • History, Economics and Arabic (BA), McGill University, Canada
  • Graduate Diploma in Law, BPP University
Professional Associations
  • Association of Corporate Investigators
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic

Tom Portsmouth leads Enyo Law’s business intelligence unit, delivering tailored investigative services in disputes and other high-stakes situations.


Tom has extensive experience in leading complex investigations for corporations, government entities, and high net worth individuals worldwide. Tom specialises in cross-border asset tracing, litigation support, fraud investigations, and investigative due diligence. He has particular interest and expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa and is a native French speaker with a working knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Tom graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s degree in History, Economics, and Arabic and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Law from BPP University, both with distinction. Prior to joining Enyo Law, Tom spent seven years in a leading global investigations firm. He joined Enyo Law as a Senior Business Intelligence Associate in March 2023.

Representative cases

Investigative research and intelligence
  • Nigeria and Ghana: Conducting a market entry risk assessment focusing on business communities in Nigeria and Ghana on behalf of a global private bank and asset management group.
  • South Africa: Helping a South African bank to assess the veracity and risk surrounding their client’s alleged involvement in tender irregularities which led to an anti-corruption prosecution.
  • Germany/China: Assisting a major private equity fund in ascertaining the ESG risks in a German distributor of solar power equipment, focusing on its supply chain in China
  • USA: Assessing the reputational risks of acquiring groundwater licences for a European infrastructure investment fund
Asset tracing
  • Latin America: Assisting a major Brazilian bank on their options for the recovery of assets belonging to a portfolio of debtors in jurisdictions worldwide including the British Virgin Islands, USA, Panama, and Switzerland.
  • United Kingdom: Assisting a major London law firm in identifying unencumbered assets belonging to a UK-based property developer and its shareholders that may be recovered by their client, a China-based construction firm
  • Europe: Leading a complex multi-jurisdictional asset trace on a steel industrialist and his privately-owned conglomerate on behalf of his creditor, a global investment bank and financial services firm.
  • Middle East: Identifying and assessing the recoverability of sovereign assets belonging to an East African state pursuant to an arbitration award in favour of a listed Middle Eastern bank
Litigation support
  • China: Obtaining and analysing Chinese litigation records which uncovered, for the first time, the extent of the Claimant’s involvement in corruption and litigation issues that were material to the case brought against our client.
  • Global: Analysing international shipping and import/export records to evidence the fraudulent nature of an insurance claim brought against our client
  • United Kingdom: directing human source enquiries to probe the track record, business practices and integrity of the Claimant in a multi-million contractual dispute brought against our client.
  • East Africa: Providing a client’s external legal counsel with actionable intelligence in relation to a business and human rights claim, including forensic analysis of social media records to evidence undisclosed connections amongst the group of claimants and associated civil society bodies
Internal investigations
  • South Africa: Investigating procurement fraud perpetrated by senior executives of a South African subsidiary of a European medical equipment firm, culminating in a two-week site visit for on-the-ground document retrieval and adversarial interviews with the perpetrators.
  • Global: Part of a team of investigators, accounts and lawyers which undertook the monitoring programme of a global bank as part of a deferred prosecution agreement, including weeks of on-site interviews and document review in South Korea, Malta, and India.
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